Our Story

The story of JML LEVITATE began with a simple plan of action, borne of a shared belief between three student-athletes – Joey, Michael, and Laboris – who crossed paths at their Alma Mater, The University of Oklahoma. They came from varied backgrounds and had different life goals at the time. However, their plans to excel could not have been more aligned. Each young Sooner’s plan featured the same key to success: WORK!

The trio of soon-to-be partners seemed to know, and embody, a drive that prioritized taking action. They knew that Division I athletes got to work immediately, every day, and worked hard. All the best competitors do. However, they also knew that winners always found a way to outwork the competition. Each being uber-competitive individuals, were driven by a work ethic that demanded they take action and keep working when others would not. The conviction that compelled each of them individually was a force of nature, a gravity that inevitably moved them toward achievement as scholars, athletes, and career professionals. That gravitational force also pulled them toward each other as eventual teammates in the field of health and wellness.

Joey, Michael, and Laboris knew that beating the competition required always being ready for action and working non-stop; living at a level of optimal performance. That meant building and maintaining a strengthened and well-nourished mind and body. So they continued to train and mind their diets. Mindful that their competition also trained and dieted, they constantly looked for any winning edge. And on those occasions when no one else thought there was an ‘edge’ to be gained, they took action – developing and improving ways to stay ahead of the pack.

In the years that followed, Joey, Michael, and Laboris formed JML LEVITATE NUTRITION. JML has continued to rise above its competition by leveraging what the partners have learned and continually learning about holistically nourishing people for peak performance. Today, JML LEVITATE NUTRITION supplements allow anyone with the desire to become  better versions of themselves to excel at athletic endeavors and in everyday life. The JML LEVITATE NUTRITION brand rests on foundational directives that include crafting products geared toward ever-optimizing physical and mental performance, building a stronger immune system, and maximizing the quality of life for its products’ consumers. But make no mistake, JML never “rests” for long. JML is all about action, taking the next step, to level up… with its next-gen-now nutritional supplements.

JML LEVITATE NUTRITION is constantly adding components to its nutrition system created for anyone who wants to better themselves. From the world-class athlete to the retired grandparent, everyone who takes JML LEVITATE NUTRITION supplements daily takes a powerful step toward building a mind and body that is always ready for action. Targeted for peak performance down to the cellular level, JML literally and nutritionally equips every part of you to win; on or off-field and at the game of life!

You work hard to live your best life every day, right? Now, imagine reaching higher and higher every single day. It is no dream: JML LEVITATE NUTRITION supplements can fuel your drive. So take action: Take your JML supplements every day and reach higher heights in life. Level up… LEVITATE!